I was tired of truing my wheels using the brake pads on my bike as a guide and thought it was about time to get a real truing tool. I bought the Feedback Truing Station stand because it didn’t look cheaply constructed and it was actually cheaper than most of the other truing stands that sometimes sell for double the price (or more) for more or less the same thing.

Truing a wheel on it was generally pretty simple. I’ve got several bikes in my apartment and most of the wheels I put on the truing station only needed minor adjustments, but the truing station can pretty much handle the most crooked of wheels . Wheels are mounted on the stand on one side. If you want to check the dishing of your wheel you just have to flip the mounting of your wheel to the other side. The measurement guides were easy to adjust and check and overall, I had no problem going through several wheels in a short amount of time.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy truing station that’s compact and affordable, the Feedback Sports Truing Station is a good one to go by. It can handle many different types of wheels and rims without breaking the bank.