For about a week now, I’ve indulged some of my free time in playing Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage for the Nintendo Wii. The game was sent over to me by the folks at Target who are actually bundling the game right now with a special limited-edition DVD that includes footage from Shaun White’s snowboard training sessions. The game places you against other snowboarders in a race to get the best scores on 75 different courses on a world stage that takes you halfway around the world and back.

The game can be played using the Wii balance board or just using the Wii Remote and if you get three other friends together to play, you can all be on one team in a quest for the top spot. All of the credits and scores you and your friends get will be added together to advance your team to the next round. At the beginning of each stage, you are given a time limit to advance to the next stage, and at first this makes you work real hard at getting everything just right on the course, but once you realize that the time limit has virtually no penalty if not met, then the game really loses its sense of urgency and quickly becomes a game for those who are OCD about actually getting the #1 spot (if you’re curious, the “penalty” for not meeting the time requirement is simply just to play that stage again until you do).

I personally found the game to be more fun with just the Wii Remote (it’s also easier playing this way, obviously) and in the end, this game is really well suited for the snowboarding enthusiast. It’s challenging if you want it to be but if you just want to carve virtual mountains in a very realistic way (with the Wii Balance board), then this is pretty fun to get behind.

I didn’t use this, but there’s a neat looking snowboard attachment for the Wii Balance Board that you can buy to help you get a slightly more authentic feel. Otherwise, just pick up Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage soon and enjoy this addicting game.