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I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I’ve seen these in person…lots of memories from this city. [via]

National Geographic Magazine is doing a year-long series on the world’s population reaching about 7 billion in 2011. In this video above, they go through how the world’s population has changed over time and how that population change has made a big difference in the way people live.


Photo by Bommy Kim Earlier this month, my brother Norman got engaged to his girlfriend Steph. Up until recently, I haven’t actually had the chance to ask either of them how it all went down, but thankfully my brother is the blogging type so he wrote it all out. Congratulations guys!

The European Tour ups the ante in this new spot for their Every Shot Imaginable campaign. This time, a group of pro golfers has to hit a clay pigeon in mid-air using a golf ball. If you missed the last video, see it below where they have to hit a gong that’s across a river […]

Rob over at BoingBoing says he got spam from a Chinese company reportedly making dinosaurs! The dinosaurs are incredibly cool and according to the email they work on infrared sensors so if nobody is around, they automatically turn off. But seriously, the video above is worth watching. I want one.

This was a pleasant video to wake up to! In Virginia, a man robbed a convenience store using a giant tree branch (or a stick) and ended up being in a showdown with the store clerk who wielded a hammer. The security footage is really great!