My brothers and I took a tour of Kings Park Psychiatric Center in Long Island today. The place has been closed officially since 1996 and stands almost completely abandoned, leaving the Kings Park community with quite an eyesore that spans several buildings and several acres. At its peak, the center was about 150 buildings and word is that only 2 buildings in the entire complex are still being used so you can imagine just how many abandoned structures sit on this piece of land in Kings Park, NY.

Because the entire hospital/asylum would take DAYS to explore, we focused our efforts on Building 93 (also known as the infirmary). It is one of the largest of all the buildings in the complex and as you can see has lots of windows to let in sunlight. The exterior has held up pretty well over the years but the same cannot be said for the interior where you’ll see peeling paint, rotting walls and furniture, and lots of debris from hospital objects and objects that people have brought in and left. There’s lots of unimpressive graffiti on the inside which leads me to believe that this building was once pretty easy to access for vagabonds. But today, we had some trouble finding a way of entry and we ended up squeezing through one of the broken windows which didn’t already have an iron bar placed in front of it.

Once inside, we roamed the 10 levels and saw lots of leftover junk from the days when the hospital was still in use. There were lots of desks, chairs, and hospital beds and each floor seemed to have some sort of color theme associated with it (but overall, most of the floors had the exact same layout).

When you reach the top floor, there’s an additional staircase that leads up to the roof/attic section and from there you can step out onto a ledge and get a great view of the Kings Park area.

There was just so much to cover that we barely got through this one building before sunset. I hope to make several more trips out to Kings Park to cover the rest of the abandoned buildings there. It’s like playland for me there because it’s so deserted.