David Cho does a good job of summing up the latest craze with Ke$ha. To a lot of people, Ke$ha’s quick rise to fame is a bit confusing. But it’s not exactly what you see on the surface that makes Ke$ha a hit success. She’s got the backing of super-producer Dr. Luke who is responsible for incredibly catchy pop songs found in Kelly Clarkson’s discography and Miley Cryus’ “Party In The USA” (among many others). David even goes so far as to call Ke$ha this generations Britney Spears (before Kevin Federline).

You probably think Lady Gaga is this generation’s Britney, but that’s where you’re wrong: Lady Gaga scares the crap out of some people (myself included) and isn’t really palatable to all of America. Sure, she’s obviously a huge superstar with a gigantic following, but for better or worse she’s “Like A Virgin”-era Madonna: a really good pop star who, at this point, is much more committed to creating spectacle rather than just making hit music. It’s just a different lane to go down.

My thoughts exactly.