Macessity was kind enough to supply me with one of their NX Stands for review and after using it for some time I’ve got some overall good things to say about it along with a few minor things that could make the NX Stand an even better product.

First off, where the NX Stand shines is in its construction. It is made of heavy steel covered in an aluminum-colored powder coating. It may look like this thing is easily bendable and breakable but I assure you it is not. The weight is a good factor in keeping the NX Stand and its laptop stable on your desk. The great thing about the NX Stand is that it comes with a small enclosure to fit an external harddrive. My Western Digital Elements fit very well in there and there was definitely room for larger external drives/enclosures. Inside the harddrive bay is a 4-port powered USB hub which is always welcome in this day and age of all devices being powered by USB. Including those 4 USB ports, I had a total of 8 USB ports (2 on my monitor, 4 on the NX Stand, and 2 on my actual laptop) compared to only 2 on my actual laptop.

Like its competitors, the NX Stand allows one to use their MacBook or MacBook Pro in clamshell mode as long as they attach an external monitor to their desktop setup. This is what I primarily used it for and it definitely freed up space on my desk for other clutter (heh). The neat thing about the NX Stand is that it’s pretty versatile in terms of what size laptop it can hold. The laptop holding space is surrounded by cushions that easily accomodate thicker or thinner notebooks. And the bottom of the holding panel features rubbery pads that make sure your laptop is secure and kept in perfect condition as it slips in and out of the space. My MacBook Pro 15″ had no problem fitting in here and neither did a slightly thicker PC laptop.

One of the things I noticed over long-term use was that there wasn’t much airflow surrounding the MacBook Pro’s exhaust. The laptop sits so closely to the table while its in the stand that all of the hot air being pushed out had little room to escape and help cool the laptop down quicker. The other thing I had a bit of trouble with when setting up the NX Stand was pluggin in the power for the 4-port USB hub. The power outlet for the hub sits inside the harddrive bay and anyone with a slightly larger hand than I is going to have a super hard time getting that sucker in the hole.

However, like I said, the NX Stand is an amazing product and those two minor items mentioned above wouldn’t stop me from recommending this item for those who would like to turn their laptops into desktop stations. The NX Stand is $60 at Macessity and is available to ship immediately.