Today, I received a brand-new BlackBerry Bold 9700 in the mail. Being a huge BlackBerry addict, I immediately opened it and transferred all of my contacts and information over from my previous Bold (9000) so that I could use this dashing new phone as my primary device. The biggest difference between the two phones is the trackpad scroll-wheel present on the Bold 9700. It’s more or less flush with the body of the phone and it takes virtually no time to get used to. It’s as accurate as the scroll wheel and now I don’t have to worry about the wheel getting stuck or dirty.

So far, I love everything about this phone. It’s got a faster processor so just about everything runs faster on it and the much better camera is a welcome change from the original Bold’s crappy camera. But the most significant change is the battery life. The Bold 9000 had a terrible battery life for whatever reason and RIM remedied that issue in the Bold 9700. I’ve been using it for the better half of this evening — installing apps, loading webpages, and chatting online — and the battery meter has barely gone down a half-notch. The real test will be tomorrow when I intend to use it in a moderate-to-heavy manner (basically, using it as it is intended). I’m looking forward to not having to do a mid-day charge.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this phone. LOVE LOVE LOVE the trackpad. LOVE LOVE LOVE the battery life.