After 4 years of running Facehunter, a blog dedicated to photographing individuals with a unique sense of style, Yvan Rodic has been given the chance to show his work offline in the form of a new book which will be out this coming April.

The book entitled Facehunter (Prestel)¬†publishes 326 of Yvan’s best photographs from his travels around the world and presents them in a full-color volume that makes every page turn a fun and inspiring look into a culture that Rodic defines as “New Creole Culture” — that is, a person who takes their fashion inspiration not from one place or culture, but from many all at once. Yvan Rodic’s photographs hail from Berlin, Antwerp, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Singapore, Vienna, and Stockholm (just to name a few) and really do a fantastic job of capturing the most interesting of the fashion-obsessed around the world.

If you aren’t too crazy about fashion, I have a feeling you’ll at least appreciate the fact that Yvan is amazingly good at what he does: stopping strangers on the street and photographing them to look like models. Surely, there’s some skill involved in that process that not everyone can mimic so effortlessly.

Check out the thumbnails below for some more images from inside the book. And if you’re at all curious, you can pre-order Facehunter on for just over $16 (the book comes out in April).