Cleaning the Canal from Characters of Gowanus on Vimeo.

Earlier this month, the Gowanus Canal was designated a federal Superfund site which meant that it was placed on a list of high-priority polluted areas to be cleaned up with the help of federal money. There’s been a lot of questions about what this label means for New York City and Brooklyn, so Characters of Gowanus sat down with the EPA’s regional Superfund Director, Walter Mugdan, to clear some things up.

Basically what Walter says is that the cleanup process will take about 10-12 years (give or take two years for unplanned circumstances). About 5 of those years will be spent testing and planning the cleanup which will include some discussion with the local community there. If all goes well, the last remaining 5 years of this timeline will allow for actual cleaning to begin.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the timeline which I have no doubt will fall behind schedule.