Alright New Yorkers, heads up! A new coffee spot has just opened on W. 4th Street just off the Christopher Street subway stop and it’s already turning out to be quite a popular spot for those looking to get their morning, afternoon, or evening jolt of energy. The place is called The Coffee Foundry and it’s headed up by my friends Wilson and Norman who roast, brew, and serve organic coffee from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Bolivia.

The Coffee Foundry sits inside a nighttime Karaoke joint called Karaoke Boho and serves delicious pourover coffee from 9AM-5PM daily. The guys there are just getting started but based on the crowd today, it looks like they’re already getting some fans who want something a bit more sophisticated than traditional Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

If you’re looking for a nice place to sit and chat over coffee I highly recommend The Coffee Foundry. Give it a try over at 186 W. 4th Street in Manhattan.

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