A couple of weeks ago, the internet was abuzz about a new $150 bike from Walmart that some were going so far as to call “the end of cycling”. Sure, it’s a cheap bike from a place that some despise for their business practices, but I would hardly call it an end to cycling as anything that gets more people on a bike is considered good in my book.

If you were wondering how this bike performs and comes out of the box, Urban Velo has your answer. They managed to get their hands on one of the budget-priced bikes for review and for the most part they say that this could be the bike that gets people hooked on cycling for the rest of their lives. They stress that this probably wouldn’t be good for hardcore riding (and definitely not for trick riding) but for those that just want a bike that goes from point A to B without much hassle and set-up, this is going to look like a great choice.

Overall, they were impressed and given their review, I think I am too. Read their full review here.