A couple of weeks back, Peperoni Books sent over their book Hong Kong Inside Outside by Michael Wolf. It’s a wonderful and heavy hardcover collection of Michael Wolf’s two most prominent projects — Architecture of Density and 100×100.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wolf’s work, he is a German photographer who has lived and worked in Hong Kong for the last 14 years. His photos look at the hidden lives and architecture that make Hong Kong one of the most interesting modern cities in existence.

In this hardcover slip-case edition of his work, Michael Wolf dissects the abstract nature of Hong Kong’s architecture with the very real living conditions of those who reside in some of its buildings. The 100×100 project looks at 100 rooms in one of Hong Kong’s former oldest living estates and interviews each of the inhabitants of those rooms to know what it is like to live in a space that is only 100 square feet in size. It’s certainly fascinating to see an individual’s entire life packed inside such a small space (in some ways, it reminds me of some New York City apartments).

The 2nd book featuring the work from Architecture of Density is my favorite of the two mainly because I enjoy how Wolf extracts the visual form of Hong Kong’s rigid architecture to show something a bit more interesting than just a tall apartment building. The repetitiveness of the buildings’ colors, patterns, and structure remind me of the observations I made when when I was in Hong Kong not so long ago.

Overall, the Hong Kong Inside Outside book is just fantastic. It has its place among my favorites in my book collection and I have no doubt that it will find the same place in yours as well.

Hong Kong Inside Outside can be bought at Amazon.com for $100 (with free shipping).

Check out the gallery below for a look at both books.