I love how Twitter connects people interested in similar things. Here’s the work of Rob Dobi, a seasoned urban explorer (or so it seems from his many photos) that I came across after writing about how it might be a bit dangerous to go into the Remington Arms Factory in Connecticut. Sure enough, he confirms my thoughts about the place by saying a friend of his was chased out of there by kids with guns.

Anyway, Rob Dobi’s photos are pretty amazing. He’s been to asylums, schools, hotels, theaters, and a whole mess of other abandoned and run-down places. His theater photos are definitely worth checking out.

I would still love to go to the Remington Arms Factory, but I dunno, I also want to live a long life. Oh, how these things often conflict!

UPDATE: I have terrible memory, it looks like I’ve posted about Rob and his photos before. But in any case, he’s updated his galleries so its worth mentioning again anyway. :)