Are you following recipes from a book in the kitchen only to find that cooking with one hand free is a hard thing to do? Well, Sagaform is out to remedy the situation with this simple kitchen accessory called Hold that holds cookbooks open so you can freely cook with both your arms and hands.

The Sagaform Hold is made of heavyweight stainless steel shaped in such a way that its built-in groove sits nicely in the spine section of an open book. It’s heavy enough to hold even the stiffest of books open and its thin profile means you won’t have to move it much to read the important parts of your recipe.

Of course, it’s not a necessity, but it’s a nice thing to have in the kitchen (and it hangs nicely too from the hook hole). You may have seen this item at the MoMA design store for a gazillion dollars, but it’s actually only $33 at Amazon. Your choice.