A couple of weeks back, the folks at ZAGG, who are probably best known for their invisibleSHIELD products, sent me a ZAGG Sparq 2.0 unit to try out and I’m liking it a lot.

The ZAGG Sparq is the 2nd revision to the Sparq portable charger. It comes with 2 USB ports (one normal and the other optimized for power-hungry devices like the iPhone, iPad, etc.) for charging modern mobile devices and can charge a dead iPhone up to 4 times before needing a charge itself. The ZAGG Sparq with its 6,000 mAh Lithium Polymer cell is about the size of an Apple laptop charger brick and has 4 orange lights on the body to let you know how much juice is left in the unit.

Sometimes I’ll forget to charge my BlackBerry at night and won’t have enough time to charge it in the morning before I leave for work so instead of carrying my outlet charger and waiting until I get to work for a recharge, I’ll just charge my phone on the go (in my bag) with the ZAGG Sparq. It’s incredibly useful and has saved me a few times already from a completely dead phone in the middle of the day.

For the person on the go, this thing is a must-have. The bad news however, is that at the time of this post, the device is completely sold out (it’s a big hit apparently). But enter your email address there and you’ll be notified when the under $100 life-saver is back in stock and ready to ship!