It’s pretty damn hot here in NYC, so if you’re a baller you could be enjoying a nice powerful breeze from this Buffalo 42-Inch Industrial Fan.

At nearly $500, it’s no cheap option, but if the 1 reviewer is to be believed, this fan is worth it all. Let’s see what this person has to say:

Very nice fan, I use it in my bedroom when it gets warm out and I don’t want to run the A/C. Usually when I run this, my wife’s snoring isn’t an issue, since the wind the fan generates drowns out any noise she could ever make. It takes me a while to fall asleep though, as our blankets are constantly being blown off the bed. Sometimes I wake up feeling a bit wind-swept, and my eyes and throat are dry, but that’s usually pretty easy to solve.

Sometimes the things we hang on our wall are blown off, so we now have bare walls in our bedroom. It’s less distracting.

It also saves me from having to use a towel after I shower, since I can just stand in front of the fan and air dry within a minute or so. It’s cold, but worth it.

It’s odd though, the frequency at which I get colds has almost tripled. Hmmmm.

Really these issues don’t have anything to do with the fan, frankly they’re caused by the fan doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

My wife has been yelling at me to get rid of it, and is starting to hint at divorce, but I know she won’t go through with it, since I spent all the money she could have used for a lawyer on this fan. I love this thing, so if it comes down to it, I’ll move out with fan in tow. She normally wins our fights. She won’t win this one, that’s for damn sure.

So there you have it! This is obviously the best fan in the world.