Rizzoli sent over this heavy book the other day called TIME: The Illustrated History of the World’s Most Influential Magazine that really sums up the important journalistic work of the people involved in TIME.

TIME magazine, as you may already know, is one of the world’s largest weekly news magazines with several world editions and over 40 million readers worldwide. With all that history behind it, you can bet that this particular book about its history is going to be in-depth, really big, and really special.

This book touches upon just about every major issue that TIME has ever published from 1923 until early 2010. The book covers important social, economic, and political issues in chronological order and also focuses in on magazine layouts, redesigns, and special features (and later on, website design too). Perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of this book is the fact that it’s sort of like holding a bit of every issue ever published in your hand. You get to see the gradual change from black and white issues to color issues and the various design flares that adorned the cover from decade to decade. Plus, it certainly isn’t a bad thing that the photographs and images are published here at a much higher quality and bigger size.

If there ever was a book to be had by history and pop culture buffs, this book from Rizzoli is it. Comprehensive in every way, this title shows clearly how TIME has managed to be at the top of its game due to its excellent editorials, articles, and photos. Pick up a copy of Time: The Illustrated History of the World’s Most Influential Magazine at Amazon for just $31.50