Back in 2007, I posted about the Kick Map, a stylized and simplified version of the New York City MTA Subway Map that got rid of some of the geographical features of NYC to make the Subway map a bit easier to use and understand.

Since then, Eddie Jabbour, the creator of the Kick Map, has introduced an iPhone version of the map and has generated quite a cult following for his clearer version of the official Subway map. In a recent interview with the O’Reilly Radar, Eddie sat down to talk about how he was inspired by the London Tube map and Massimo Vignelli’s NYC Subway Map and how he took ideas from both to make the Kick Map. With 26 lines and 468 stations spread across 5 boroughs, this interview with Eddie is worth reading just to understand how he made the world’s most complex transportation system a bit easier for the rest of us to use.