The wonderful thing about where I work is that when Google comes out with a new service that they gradually roll out to users, we get it here first. This was true of the Gmail facelift earlier last month as well as the built-in Gmail voice calling feature, and now it’s true of Google Instant Search.

If you haven’t heard of Google Instant Search, it basically does away with having to type in an entire query before making a search. It brings up search results based on each letter that you type in and intelligently brings up relevant search results as you go. This means that you don’t even have to really know what you’re searching for before you find it. Ever know only half the name of a movie or song? Start typing it in and Google just might show you the whole name.

So far, I’m loving this thing. If you’ve got a fast enough connection, searches fly by like mad and it’s fun to watch. If you don’t have it as your default search engine yet, you can force your browser to get to it by going here.