Excuse the scratch marks and the fingerprints on the images…I just can’t stop using this Mophie Juice Pack Air. The accessory specifically made for the iPhone 4 is both a case and an extended battery that gives the iPhone a life equal to about 2 standard iPhone charges.

From a design standpoint, the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4 is quite beautiful. It preserves the black and metal design of the iPhone 4 while giving complete access to all of the buttons along the perimeter of the device including openings for speaker and mic and also backside flash use. The front portion of the Mophie Juice Pack Air does not protrude out but instead leaves the face of the phone completely flat. This is a good thing considering the fact that the accessory itself already bulks up the iPhone 4 a bit on the backside. Despite the increase in size though, I never found my phone to be too bulky. In fact, I very much liked the slightly fatter phone once the Juice Pack Air was on because it gave me a better grip of the device. But don’t expect it to hide discreetly in your pants (there will be a bulge).

To use the Juice Pack Air, all you have to do is slide off the top portion of the device and slip your iPhone nicely into the guides along the battery case. Once you’ve done that and inserted the docking station into the bottom of the iPhone, all you have to do is slip the top portion of the Juice Pack Air back onto its bottom half and you’re good to go! The Mophie Juice Pack Air has a handy on/off switch (so you don’t charge your iPhone when it doesn’t need charging) and a battery light indicator to let you know how much power is left in the pack.

I found through extensive use that the Juice Pack Air really does extend the battery life of the iPhone up to 2x under heavy use. If you’re using it casually – let’s say just to check email throughout the day – then the Juice Pack Air will deliver more than a double dose of power for your iPhone (potentially making it last more than a day and a half without an outlet).
Overall, I’ve been completely satisfied with this product and highly recommend it for people who may be on the go for extended periods of time without easy access to a charging station or wall outlet. I know this handy accessory has saved me a couple of times already while on-location during photoshoots and I have already added it to my list of must-pack accessories while on the job.

The Mophie Juice Pack Air is priced at $79.75, but I consider it an invaluable accessory for any power iPhone user. Get one on Amazon.com for $79!