Photo by Shanna Ravindra

This is so incredibly fascinating to read. Esquire published a story today about Caitlin Burke, the woman who very recently solved a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with just a single letter guess. Her correct answer — “I’VE GOT A GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS” — has propelled her into internet stardom.

The Esquire article goes into how Caitlin had always been a huge fan of Wheel of Fortune and had developed over time an insane ability to eliminate possibilities very quickly. Without thinking much about it, she was able to reduce her choices of words simply by knowing the amount of letters in each word and how they relate to one another in sentences.

At a remarkably fast rate — “I wanted to show everyone what I’ve got,” Burke says — she can cycle through her shortened lists of possibility. As more letters are guessed and either lit up or discarded, she can permanently drop those from contention, too. Her brain has a one-way valve built into it. Eventually, everything gets distilled, each puzzle boiled down to its most likely combination — two-letter words, three-letter words, and so on. Burke has trained her brain so that the impossible falls away, never to return, and eventually, out of the crowded ether, only a handful of solutions emerge.

Here’s the video of her solving the Wheel of Fortune puzzle in case you missed it before.