This isn’t new news at all, but I find this so fascinating that I’m putting it on my list of places to see the next time I’m in Detroit (which might be soon if work goes well). Anyway, the old Detroit Theater (or Michigan Theater) in Detroit, MI was built in 1926 by architecture firm Rapp & Rapp. It was a spacious and grand hall with ornamental details all throughout its design. As with most of Detroit, the theater went through several rough patches and eventually became a garage. The wonderful thing I suppose that came out of this is that the city (or owner of the building at the time) chose not to demolish the building entirely but instead keep its ceiling as an interior motif for the parking lot.

Just look at that! Fantastic, right?!

Wikipedia has a before photo of the place if you want to see what it was like before the conversion.

Photo by Sean Hemmerle