So I got this email yesterday…not sure if it’s an internet troll just trying to stir up problems or if this person truly believes what he is writing.

Anyway, just a few words on this one in case anybody else out there is thinking the same thing as “Dave” above (who couldn’t even include a real reply email address so I could respond to him).

I have a lot of respect for Laughing Squid and it’s no secret that I read that site. A quick glance through my “via” links and one will easily see that I attribute some of my daily posts to Scott. To put it simply, if I found what I post originally from Laughing Squid, then I give credit where credit is due and I’m happy to report that Scott does the same with this site. If our two sites happen to post similar content without giving linkage to each other, that’s fine because I know that we generally cater to a similar bored demographic on the internet. No surprise there.

As for the accusation of not even rewording what another site writes, that’s just plain wrong. Every single sentence on with the exception of anything in blockquotes is constructed by me and me only. I take serious offense to what Dave has said above and would like to reassure everyone who chooses to read this site that credit is always given, especially to sites like LS which I love (if anything, you all should be reading that site because it gets updated more frequently than this one).