Are you 25 or over and feel like you’ve spent most of your life studying, getting good grades, and basically following the rules? It’s time for you to break out of your shell and act up a little, at least according to Cary Tennis over at Salon.

A reader wrote in to Cary basically saying that years of following the rules, working hard, and giving up on traveling have turned him into a resentful person, especially when he hears about all of the adventures his friends are having while he’s at home going to work everyday.

Cary’s response is worth reading and maybe you’ll get a kick out of it. Here’s a little tidbit:

Somewhere deep inside you there is a little voice that’s telling you this is all bullshit.

Listen to that voice. It may tell you to let the laundry pile up. Listen to it. Your friends my go to India to meditate to reach a higher plain of consciousness. You can do the same thing by just letting your laundry pile up. Soon it will look like Mt. Kilamanjaro. Then you can climb it and meditate.

So take what you will from the article. You don’t have to go all extreme and quit and travel around the world, but maybe you do need to let your laundry pile up once in a while.