Before I start writing anything else, I need every single reader who is reading this now to know that the video inside is hard to stomach. It shows video of a critical mass event this past Friday in Porto Alegre, Brazil going horribly wrong when a driver intentionally mows down over a dozen cyclists and drives off.

I have seen plenty of disgusting, terrible, and down-right wrong videos in my time on the net and none has angered me quite like this one. Regardless of what you think of critical mass and cyclists in general, there is NO situation that calls for an act like this to take place. You can hate cyclists, honk at them, throw up a middle finger, and yell all you want but nobody should EVER be mowing people down like this.

Critical Mass POA (the local Critical Mass website) has details from the tragedy which unfolded this Friday and it looks like the culprit will be turning himself in to police soon. Let’s hope this guy rots in jail.