Is this the signaling of BlackBerry’s realization that they no longer have a firm grasp on phone users simply because of BBM? BGR is reporting that RIM is thinking about releasing a BBM app for iOS and Android devices soon. If you know anybody who refuses to leave their BlackBerry device behind, one of the main reasons that person will give is the importance of BBM in their daily communication. I know the feeling as I was a former BlackBerry user who thought the same too. BBM is just too addicting, too useful, and too convenient but it looks like RIM is finally realizing that people like me are finding that it’s NOT as indispensable as we formerly thought. I’ve been doing fine just texting and emailing but the thought of having BBM on an iOS device sure sounds exciting. I just have a feeling that it’s sorta too late already. RIM needs a lot more than BBM support on multiple platforms to get going again.