This is just a teaser for tonight’s CBS 60 Minutes segment on rising poverty rates in children, but even so, this short clip has struck me deep down inside. The report by Scott Pelley follows a group of children in Florida whose parents have lost their homes and have had to move the family into cheap motels. There are so many children in this situation that school buses now have to stop at motels to pick up kids for school.

This portion of the related CBS news article is heartbreaking:

We found a lot of families are making a choice between food and electricity: when Pelley asked how many of them had the lights turned off at their house, nearly all students put their hands up.

“How do you study when you don’t have the lights on at home?” Pelley asked.

“We have emergency flashlights, and I usually have to use them,” one student explained.

“I’ll just light candles and sit around in a circle of candles,” another said.

And another said, “I go out to the car and turn on the overhead and read out there and study.”

Seriously, how do we remedy this problem quickly and effectively?

UPDATE: Full report video posted at the top.