Back in December, I posted a video preview of a new street parking system being implemented in San Francisco where parking meters would automatically update street space information to your mobile device and/or computer so that you can know exactly where an open space is without having to circle aimlessly for blocks.

Streetfilms has a more in-depth look at this system and how it manages parking for the people of San Francisco. It seems to be working by giving drivers affordable alternatives to garages (or actually lowering garage prices) and giving them the information they need when they need it to go straight to an open space. What I didn’t know when I first heard about this initiative was that the smart meters are able to change their pricing based on the availability of spaces on a particular street. This essentially means that when a street is full, the prices for those meters goes up while meters on the other streets around it go down — encouraging drivers to look to other streets right away for parking rather than circling for an hour waiting for a spot to open up.