I got one of these Quirky PowerCurls the other day. It’s a non-essential MacBook/MacBook Pro accessory, but I won’t say that it isn’t handy and nice to have if you’ve got an extra twenty lying around (and hell, everybody does these days right?).

First of all, for those who don’t know, the PowerCurl was one of the early success stories of the design-driven community at Quirky. The entire product was crowd-sourced in about 24 hours’ time and immediately put on sale for anybody who wished to purchase it. It’s a rather ingenius product for handling the slightly cumbersome Apple MagSafe power charger for laptops and it does its job well by taking into consideration the size of the adapter and the extension cord that comes with it. And best of all, the entire thing is built around the fact that the Apple charger is notorious for becoming overheated — so its designed to elevate the charger slightly to allow cooling on both sides.

Normally, the PowerCurl is $15, but if you act quickly, you can snag one for less than $10 at Amazon.com (for the 85-Watt MacBook Pro charger).