Photo: Pete Souza

This photo has been released by The White House for about a week now and if you haven’t seen it yet, it shows the President, Vice President, and several very important members of the National Security Team converged in a room on May 1, 2011 apparently getting updates on the raid that eventually killed Osama Bin Laden.

BoingBoing makes an interesting observation in saying that there is a somewhat hidden burn bag right next to Barack Obama’s right leg (the burn bag notation has also made it into the “burn bag” Wikipedia entry, with reference to this image above). A burn bag is a marked paper bag in which classified and secret documents often go into to be disposed of in a fire. This prevents collection and reconstruction of documents deemed sensitive.

In the aftermath of the release of this image, several news outlets were reporting that Obama and the rest of the folks in the room were actually watching the raid happen live via a helmet cam stream on top of one of the heads of the soldiers. This turned out to be false as video blacked out and the only confirmation of actually killing Osama was a voice transmission of “Visual on Geronimo”.

Still, this is one great photo.