Photo: Brian Harkin for The New York Times

Did you know that underneath Park Avenue somewhere in Manhattan lies a 200-ton tunnel boring drill head?

The drill is soon to be encased in cement and sealed away forever underground because taking the drill out would cost $9 million, an amount worth saving according to the Spanish company responsible for the drilling machine.

It is a gargantuan drill that has been hollowing out tunnels for a train station under Grand Central Terminal. As tall as four men and with the weight of two whales, the so-called cutter head — the spinning, sharp-edged business end of a tunnel boring machine — is usually extracted, dismantled and sold for scrap when the work is done.

But the Spanish contractor overseeing the project is taking a different approach. It believes it can save time and money by simply leaving it behind, dormant and decayed, within the rocky depths of Midtown Manhattan. The drill’s final resting place: 14 stories beneath the well-tended sidewalks of Park Avenue.

The photo above is probably the last we’ll ever see of this thing.