Without a doubt I have much more 35mm film stored away than I do 4×5. Over the years, because of the nature of 35mm film, I was able to accumulate mass quantities of it for fairly cheap and accumulate a massive archive that has literally been stored away in bank boxes for years.

With my purchase of a decent film scanner, those 35mm photos/slides/negativs are going to see the light of day here on this blog.

This set here is what I call my “Joel Sternfeld series”. It was an assignment I had done back at Parsons as an attempt to emulate one of my favorite photographers at the time. There’s a few random images thrown in there between the street portraits, but overall, this is one of the rolls of film I was most proud of despite the quality of the pictures. I had a lot of fun photographing these people and when I think back on my years at Parsons, this roll in particular stands out among the rest.

In the next coming days, you might see some enlargements of these posted — hopefully with some sort of write-up as to how I captured the image. For now, here’s the digitally scanned negative contact sheet.