I’m not paid by Forbes to say this, but if you have a chance, you should try and pick up the current issue of Forbes Magazine. It’s the one with Bill Gates on the cover (see above) and the cover story is about the 70 most powerful people in the world.

But really, the cover story is about Bill Gates, a man who has spent the latter part of his life giving his money away to help the poor and the sick. To date, he and his wife have given more than $6 billion to help AIDS, malaria, hepatitis B, and other disease victims all over the world. And he’s not only giving his money away letting other organizations take their own course, he has set up his own organization to personally oversee the work that his money is doing and to make sure it’s being used to its fullest potential.

On top of all of that, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have encouraged over 30 billionaires to give away more than half their fortunes over their lifetimes.

For a man who used to be hated by many for his business practices, he sure has turned around quite a bit.

He says this:

“The metric of success is lives saved, kids who aren’t crippled,” says Gates. “Which is slightly different than units sold, profits achieved. But it’s all very measurable, and you can set ambitious goals and see how you do.

Gates hopes to reduce the death toll in 25 years by 80%. It sounds crazy, but with his track record, I think he might just be able to get there.
If you want to read about what he’s doing, check out the Forbes article or pick up a copy of the magazine.