The weather in NYC is starting to get a bit chilly, so what’s better than a little heat to make you comfortable? If you’re slightly on the wealthy side or just more design-oriented, you can choose the fancy new Dyson Hot. Just like it’s non-heated sibling the Dyson Air Multiplier, the Dyson Hot is a unique engineering marvel that sucks in air at its base and spits it back out without using any sort of visible rotating apparatus. It’s all invisible to the naked eye and it does what it does very well.

After an initial setup run to get the unit acquainted with its purpose of blowing heat, the Dyson Hot more or less ran exactly as advertised. It’s got a handy remote that allows you to control all the settings — oscillation, temperature, and fan speed — all from the comfort of your couch or bed, and it has a great safety feature that turns off the heater if it detects that it’s been tipped over (very important for a space heater).

But let’s not forget about one of the main reasons this space heater really rocks. It’s appearance. As you can see from the photos here, the Dyson Hot comes in a great matte grey exterior with a blueish-purple output area. The base stand that it comes with is well suited for stabilizing the unit as it turns and gives heat to a wide area of a room. And if you keep the box it comes with, come Spring time when you need to put the heater away, the box serves as a great storage box until next Winter (it’s tall, compact, and stores everything quite neatly).

The Dyson Hot isn’t for everyone, but for those that want a space heater that not only does its intended function but also serves as a great conversation piece and interior decorating item, then this is your all in one deal. Grab a Dyson Hot heater in blue on Amazon today for $399!