Today marks 10 years since the start of Doobybrain. I was merely a sophomore in high school when I first started sharing things online, opening up a website (viewable only through an IP address) instead of IMing individual friends on AIM and sharing the same link over and over. Yes, that’s right, AIM (what ever did happen to that?).

The site was different then and so was I. And just as I’ve grown and evolved over the years, I’d like to think Doobybrain has done the same right alongside me. But some things don’t change even after 10 years. I still love cat videos; I still like dinosaurs; I still like sharing. And while the site has changed quite dramatically from its first inception — who remembers the crimson red background and the javascript cursor-following clock? — the core of its purpose still remains quite the same. It’s still very much a personal blog showcasing the things I find most interesting on the web and to my surprise a lot of people ended up liking a lot of the same things I did too. In the end though, I posted it all because I wanted a place for me to remember when I looked back ten years later. And well, here we are ten years later…

I could reminisce for a while, but I won’t. What I really want to do now is thank you all for reading this site every single day and for sharing all of those links you do via Twitter, Facebook, email, and IM. You’ve all allowed me to enjoy doing something that I genuinely feel passionate about. I hope you’ll continue to stick around for another 10 years as I venture on into the next phase of my life with this site (hint: it’s coming sooner than you think!).

Take care, and as always, feel free to get in touch!

The photo above is where Doobybrain first got started back in 2002.