I thought about skipping this post because of its graphic and scary nature, but since there’s a couple stupid enough to do this, I’m assuming there’s gotta be other couples thinking this is a good idea too. And there are apparently. This couple in the video above wanted to scare their child by shoving him into a washing machine at a laundromat. They found out rather quickly that laundromat machines aren’t your standard household appliances and these machines have automatic door locks. The child was trapped inside as it filled with water and the parents ran crazily trying to get workers to shut off the machine.

LET’S GET ONE THING STRAIGHT: THIS IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA. EVER. So please, if you are even thinking about it, then you should get rid of your washing machine now and never step into a laundromat. Pay somebody to do your laundry for you for the sake of the young ones!

In this stupid situation though, I’m relieved to find out that the child was pulled out alive and only suffered minor bruises.