Phosphor, the watch company that makes a line of e-ink digital watches sent over this new wristwatch called the World Time Sport Watch. The watch is real thin thanks to the e-ink display which can immediately go from white to black with the swipe of your fingers.

And swipe you will, because this watch has no buttons at all! The unique feature of this watch is that everything is responsive via touch-sensitive swipe gestures. There are two icons located at the bottom of the e-ink display that toggle between settings on the watch depending on which way you swipe.

Swiping from left to right will change the background from white to black (and vice versa) and swiping from right to left will toggle through these display modes: local time small/large, dual timezone, date with time, and world time. Because the watch is essentially just two “buttons”, changing settings isn’t going to be rocket science and I found the process to be pretty painless and easy to do. One recommendation however is to swipe with the full surface/pad of your finger and slowly. Otherwise the watch won’t detect your gesture correctly (it happens once or twice in the video demo below).

The watch is water-resistant and comes with a very comfortable silicone band that blends nicely into the hard curved surface of the watch.

Overall, this is really fantastic and great looking watch. It’s sleek, elegant, and although it’s made for sport, I could really see this going well with a slightly more dressed-up appearance. Pick one up here for $99!