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This post from Eddie Huang has a funny paragraph:

I would never in my life discount the effect of Yao Ming. He’s the god, but if Yao exported the NBA globally, Lin penetrated it domestically. He looked like us, talked like us, and had a xanga like us. I could’ve sat next to this fool in Chinese School, piano concerts, and Kumon Class. My boy Maxwell gave me the SAME EXACT BLACK APPLE JACKET he has on in this video and then I sang the same song as Landry at Karaoke Boho the next night. The kid was spotted at Avenue carrying around one Bud Light all night like he was my brother, Evan! Only an Asian American is capable of getting fucked up, turning red, and being satiated by one bud light for a 3 to 5 hour period. This was the beauty of JLin7, he was real!

I know there are a lot of politics floating around this deal right now, but it baffles me that the Knicks wouldn’t be signing Lin again. Even if he was a terrible player wouldn’t it make some financial sense to sign him just to bring the crowds and merchandising profits in? Chime in below.