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A really great read on the outspoken disrespect Carmelo Anthony had for Jeremy Lin by saying Lin’s contract numbers with the Rockets were “ridiculous”.

What’s relevant here is not whether Melo was right or not about Lin’s contract. Plenty of NBA players surely agree with him. What’s relevant is that he said it out loud. Bad-mouthing another player’s deal is a serious breach of the unwritten code among pro athletes, which is why it happens so rarely, no matter how many stupid deals get handed out, no matter how many franchises are crippled by bad contracts, no matter how many superstars find their paths to a title blocked by the bonehead decisions of their teams’ front offices. It’s also why, conversely, players almost always praise each others’ deals in public, and offer congratulations – we’ve all seen the tweets – for getting every penny that the market could generate. It’s a fraternity.

Apparently, to Melo, Jeremy Lin is not in the fraternity. Or at least, Lin’s place in it is dubious enough that he has not earned the omerta that every other player gets. Anybody wanna try to convince me it has zero to do with Lin being Asian-American? Because, and let’s cut to the quick, Carmelo Anthony never ever would’ve made that remark about a black NBA player’s contract, and I doubt that he ever would’ve said it about a white player’s, either. If Melo thought that Lin was being wildly overpaid but still, fundamentally, belonged in the club, he would’ve kept his mouth shut. He didn’t because he doesn’t.

Definitely one of the more intelligent writings on the recent events surrounding Lin’s contract. Read it in full here.