1094-12 9 PCT BURGLARY from Gothamist on Vimeo.

A couple of days ago, a friend of my brothers had his apartment in the East Village robbed by a cargo shorts-wearing thief. Amazingly, it was all caught on home surveillance camera set up by the apartment owner who did so after having his apartment quietly robbed a few weeks before. There was no forced entry the first time, so believing that somebody had a copy of his lock key, the apartment owner set up a Dropcam to monitor, alert, and upload all video to the cloud.

The story was so amazing that The New York Times caught up with Mr. Lee (no first name given) to see just how he foiled the thief and ended up putting him behind bars again, all with some simple and relatively cheap tech that’s available right now for anybody to buy and install.

I’m gonna get me one of these. Sounds like a worthwhile investment.