Frozen Egg from Herman Yung on Vimeo.

I’m 25 years old and I’ve never experienced a frozen egg before. I normally have my eggs scrambled, sunny-side, or hard-boiled.

Anyway, I must not know my new fridge very well because I just realized after a month and a half of moving here that the top shelf of my fridge (not the freezer part, dummies) actually FREEZES things to a certain degree. I’ve been putting my eggs on the top shelf. Two batches of eggs in a row have had 3-4 eggs literally crack open even though I swear I checked them at the supermarket.

After closer inspection, I realized only the eggs in the very back were being frozen and I concluded that the back of the fridge was colder than the front. Might not be news to you, but it was news to me! So here’s what a frozen egg looks like. It feels slimy and weird. I didn’t eat it.