Nearly every native Californian I’ve met has sworn by their In-N-Out. It’s understandable since the restaurant chain does serve a pretty good burger, but when asked for a West Coast alternative to NY’s Shake Shack, In-N-Out is not the correct answer. It just isn’t. For as good as each burger is on its own, the fact of the matter is that you just can’t compare a fast-food-style burger with a ¬†restaurant-style one (and honestly because of this, Shake Shack comes out on top in nearly every way). So to me, this comparison of the two food joints has always been very odd. And yet, people I know continue to offer one as an alternative to the other when traveling coast to coast. Let’s try to stay away from this unbalanced comparison ok? Otherwise, it’s going to be Shake Shack every time.

So far — and this is subject to change without notice as I live here and eat out more — the best comparable¬†burger in LA to NY’s Shake Shack is¬†The Golden State on Fairfax Ave.

Cooked perfectly to a medium rare with as little or as many toppings as you wish, the Golden State burger is delicious. And the crisp French Fries — wow — a perfect compliment to the savory taste of the burger. The Golden State is how a great burger place should be. It’s got a small and simple menu with options for almost any type of dietary restriction. And yeah, they’ve got hot dogs and salads too but let’s be honest here, are you really going to go to a burger spot and order yourself a hot dog or a salad?

Photo via DeviantArt