Photo: Cult of Mac

Everywhere I turn, I keep reading some sort of headline about the purple flare problem specifically concerning the iPhone 5. Let’s break this issue down right now, because at its core, I don’t believe it’s an issue at all. It’s a classic example of a LOSS OF COMMON SENSE!

First, let’s take a look at the image being shopped around about the issue. The one posted above found first over at Cult of Mac. It’s more or less pointing the iPhone 5 toward the sun. THE SUN. Nobody takes pictures like this purposefully, and when they do, they don’t expect the photo to look like they weren’t pointing the camera at the sun. Have you ever looked at the sun with your eyes? It’s hard to do. The camera has an even harder time than you.

Secondly, and I cannot reiterate this enough, this is a bad photo. Do you know why we aren’t seeing other examples of widespread flare problem? Because nobody in their right mind tries to take a photo of the sun.

Lastly, the few other examples of this purple flare are really just a natural phenomenon of glass lenses. Point a DSLR with a lens at the sun and you’ll get flares like this too. Different glass will give you different flare colors — green, purple, red, orange, blue, etc. The iPhone 5′s lens flare is purple. That’s just how it’s built. It’s not built wrong. It’s a characteristic of that glass and lens composition. Good luck finding glass that won’t flare in some way or another if pointed directly at light. Why do you think big lenses have lens hoods? Do you want a lens hood on your iPhone 5?