I wholeheartedly agree with this video piece by CNN’s Richard Koci Hernandez about why it’s silly to dismiss digital technology in photography when taken through the lens of apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic. And what’s more, it’s even sillier (or stupider) to argue that photos taken with “real cameras” produce better images because in the end, somebody with an eye for a good photo will have it regardless of the piece of technology they are using to capture it.

Towards the end of the video, Hernandez brings up a good point I never really thought about though concerning why people (myself included) feel the need to add vintage effects to their photos. Before digital photos, Time itself played a role in how our photos developed over time. Because we used to print photos, we got accustomed to seeing them turn yellow, get scratched, and fade over time, but now that photos lively mostly in the digital realm where time has no effect, we as the photographers find the need to fill this void by being Time itself. And so we do this, whether purposefully or not, at the time of capture now instead of waiting to see how it turns out 30 years down the road.