I feel like I just got a crash-course in Korean culture (or subculture?) from VICE. And while I don’t necessarily agree with the snarky and close-minded attitude of the VICE correspondent, I do appreciate the in-depth look she gave me in terms of understanding Korea’s obsession with fashion, girly-looking boys, K-POP, and plastic surgery, and how all of these things coincidentally weave in and out of each other to create this culture that is both seemingly unnatural and hyper-sensitive to what it’s doing to its own nation.

And as K-POP spreads to other countries worldwide, the fear that people will begin to know Korea only as an extension of K-POP seems to be a real one. There’s so much in this video that it’s hard for me to really digest it right now as I write about it. So I really encourage you to take half an hour or so out of your day to sit down and really watch this video and gather your own thoughts about it.