Tonight, Oreo passed away. He was 1 of the 2 cats my family owned (the other being Dusty who passed away at the end of October). Oreo was a star on this blog. I featured him on prominently over the last 10 years, either as the main subject or as a background bystander in a lot of my daily activities and posts. He was playful, sweet, and he threw a mean punch to any of the dogs that got too close (Cody this means you!).

It was probably his time though. Just a mere 4 weeks after Dusty’s passing, I can only imagine Oreo feeling lonely, depressed, and missing his lifelong brother and playmate. These two cats grew up together, and just like how some elderly couples die within months of each other, so too did Oreo pass soon after Dusty.

Oreo had more friends than some people I know which goes a long way in saying how great of a cat he was. Always up for cuddling or petting and never quick to draw his claws, I’m convinced that somewhere in everyone’s head, people would want a pet like him.

RIP now Oreo. Go join your brother Dusty — you two belong together. :)