I’ve had the wonderful chance this past week or so to have my precious iPhone 5 housed in this Karas Kustoms Alloy 5 aluminum case. The case is the latest generation of their lovely machined aluminum offerings (of which I’ve previously reviewed an iPad 2 case). The Alloy 5 uses 8 hex screws to securely hold your iPhone 5 in place while also allowing it to stand on any of its 4 sides. In addition, the case lifts the phone up just enough to prevent dings and scratches while placing it down on rough surfaces.

Lightweight, thin, and gorgeous from all directions, the Alloy 5 case is sure to please. Keep in mind though that while it does offer some form of impact protection, this case is not meant for hard impacts or falls. Your iPhone 5 is just as likely to shatter in a hard drop, but if you’re relatively careful with your phone, then this case should be a great solution for keeping your phone scratch-free (but not crack-free!) as it basically prevents the phone from ever touching anything except your fingers.

The Alloy 5 runs for $55 in 11 different colors. Get one here!