Lots of talk about people jumping ship from Instagram because of its new TOS. Let’s forget for a second that 90% of people are often all talk and no walk — especially when it comes to changes in online service agreements/services (don’t we all remember those who said they would stop using Facebook when Facebook rolled out Timeline?) — and let’s try and keep a level head about what their TOS actually means.

From The Verge:

The new terms actually make things clearer and — importantly — more limited. That “on, about, or in conjunction” with language is dead and gone. Now you’re only agreeing that someone else can pay Instagram to display your photos and other information only in connection with paid or sponsored content. These phrases have very specific meanings — Instagram can’t sell your photos to anyone, for example. It simply doesn’t have permission. And Budweiser isn’t allowed crop your photo of a bar, slap a logo on it, and run it as an ad on Instagram — that would go well beyond “display” and into modification, which Instagram doesn’t have a license to do. (In fact, the old Instagram terms allowed for modification, but the new ones don’t — they actually got better for users in that regard.)

As for the alternative being shopped around…I hardly think Flickr has a chance. Even with their snazzy new app.

UPDATE: Instagram chimes in.