As I posted the other day, Wirecutter highly recommends this RAM suction car mount with Universal X-Grip. Mine came in the other day and I have to agree, this is definitely THE BEST car mount I’ve ever used or even touched. The entire thing is impeccably built, with solid aluminum construction (while most other mounts are mere plastic) and with a twist-suction mount that ensures that it will never fall off your windshield — ever. It’s similar to the way GoPro car mounts stick to cars (and you know how extreme those circumstances can be).

The Universal X-Grip mount is super easy to use and recommended because it fits just about any modern device with case, without case, wide, skinny, etc. Anything! The X-Grip is spring-loaded with a pinch and allows to easy and quick insertion of your phone.

Seriously, this is the absolute best. Don’t even bother with another mount.