I learned the other day that despite its massive debt, the USPS isn’t allowed to just raise stamp prices on its own to make up for it. They can only raise stamp prices at the same rate as inflation. And inflation is happening (it’s always happening)!

This Sunday, the USPS will raise the price of first-class stamps to $0.46. Postcards will also rise a penny to $0.33, and there’s a host of other price raises that will go into effect if you’re mailing stuff internationally (but that gets trickier, so check with your local post office).

Overall, it’s a small step in making up the huge loss it had last year but it looks like that loss is still going to be higher this coming year. My opinion? The USPS is still dirt cheap, especially when it comes to mailing lots of stuff in those flat-rate envelopes. And letters? Well, it’s still less than a $1. Honestly, when was the last time you paid so little for such service?